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Our Origins 

SuesyCoilsCare was founded in 2019 by, Secquoyah Lacy( aka SuesyCoils)- a young college student who was tired of the horrible effects of mainstream products. She had countless allergic reactions to certain chemicals in mainstream products that are often overlooked.

She took the time to research and create products that would not only make her hair/body look good but feel good as well. She created products with healing properties that nourish the body inside and out. Her products are created with purpose and that purpose is to HEAL.

Throughout her hair journey she noticed something was missing. She realized there wasn’t a space that provided tools, tips, guidance, and/or just overall support for managing curly/coily hair. As someone who went natural in 2016, education about curly/coily hair was few and far in between. She didn’t have anywhere to go and get the help she truly needed. From 2016- 2021, she had an uphill battle with learning and discovering what her hair needed to flourish. In 2022, Secquoyah launched “The Coiled Connection”- A Safe Space And Resource to Learn & Grow Through Your Hair Journey. She created this community because it is what she wish she had when she went natural, and she sees that many curly/coily -haired peeps can benefit from a space like that. 


SuesyCoilsCare is a health and wellness brand that prides itself on providing, non-toxic products geared toward total rejuvenation of the body, from head to toe. SuesyCoilsCare also educates, supports, and provides coily-haired people with the tools needed throughout their healthy hair journey.


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